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Oppose Billions More for War!

From Just Foreign Policy. Take action here:

Some in Washington refuse to acknowledge that the majority of Americans, like the majority of Iraqis, want an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. USA Today and Congressional Quarterly report that the Bush administration will ask Congress for a record amount of war money in 2007 - perhaps as high as $160 billion. That would be in addition to the $435 billion in military spending Congress already authorized for 2007.

That would mean one out of every five of our taxpayer dollars next year would go to military spending, and that's not even counting $17 billion on US nuclear weapons.

Money spent on the military and war is money that will not be available for pressing domestic needs, like health care, schools and combating poverty. Senator Kent Conrad, the Democrat who will oversee the Senate budget next year, told USA Today the high military price tag "is going to increasingly become an issue." He said it could restrict the availability of money to expand Medicare's prescription drug coverage.

We set up a web page that makes it easy to write a letter to your senators and representatives asking them not to pour more money into a failed and destructive policy in Iraq. More money means more young American soldiers will die and be horribly injured in this needless war and more Iraqi civilians will die at the hands of our troops.

Our suggested talking points also ask senators and representatives to place conditions on any money that is appropriated, setting a firm deadline for the withdrawal of all troops and requiring the administration to directly engage Iraq's neighbors, especially Iran and Syria.
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