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His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

“A dark winter has descended upon us in this country and it is not a crystal pure blanket of snow that covers the land but layers of the warm blood of our men and women in uniform, mixed with that of the Iraqi people.”

Yust (From An Anti-War Speech)



I met Carlos Arredondo, the father of Alexander Arredondo. He handed me a copy of the last letter that his child wrote him.


It took him ten months to get information from the United States Marine Corps on his son’s final hours and how he met his end in this life.
There is a place in my heart that will never be the same, following my moments with Carlos.




One of my medals from the US Navy, that I threw over the gates of the Fort Benning military base, home of the School of the Americas, an academic institution which teaches the secret police and military of “friendly nations” how to put down dissent in their countries with torture and political murder, was the Humanitarian medal for participating in the rescue of 93 souls fleeing Vietnam.


“(I looked out over the Starboard bow of my ship and saw what looked like a great funeral barge on the Sacred River Ganges.”


“When I looked through the telescope, my eyes gleaned the flowers moving. The flowers were human souls fleeing a government that was a reactionary machine forged due to our involvement in the affairs of the Sovereign nation of South Vietnam. This police action caused the governments all around Vietnam to topple, the Killing Fields Of Cambodia were born and there was genocide that we, as a nation, turned a blind eye to.


We took refugees aboard ship, bringing them to safety.


It was this day that I became a true pacifist, seeing first hand the consequences of war for the natives of a land where bombs blowing up all around them is a fact of life.”


There were many, many empty boots then…..



How many empty boots will exist after this bloodshed?


Warmongers and corporate socio-paths, the military industrialist whores in Washington, DC had a good day today. The number is up from 2037.



The third eye sees all and the people of Iraq are no different than us.



They love their children too.


















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